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Mal Mixes

This page is updated and current as of 4/17/2018.

On occasion, POLARIS may promote Alaskan Malamute Mixed Breed dogs for adoption. This is not our standard practice, but we will try to do it as long as we can find the resources to support the efforts. If you would like to contribute to help in this activity, please visit our donations page. Thanks for helping to support these dogs receive a second chance on life....

If you are interested in adopting a Polaris dog (either one that is listed here or one that may not be), please fill out our adoption application.


Ripley is a small (50 lbs.) spayed, 5 yr. old healthy female Mal/Husky mix that is very pleased with human contact. She loves belly rubs and is energetic. She lacks confidence and is a bit shy, but is submissive. If she is with another dog, she might be better contained - we need to try her with any resident dog. She has fled fenced areas (when the only dog) and easily scales/hops over the 4.5 ft. fence. She needs a high fence and would do well with a covered area (when left alone). Someone who works from home and would do some training with her would be a great owner for this girl. -She really is a sweetie! Won't you want to give Ripley a loving home?

Ripley is looking for her forever home. If you are interested in giving her that loving home please fill out our adoption application.


Kodiak is a neutered Malamute/German Shepard (?) mix that was a stray from a shelter. He's biscuit, grey and white, 5-6 yrs. and weighs about 75 lbs. He is a wonderful companion and wants to please when issued commands. He is treat-focused and will train pretty easily. He loves to run and walks well on a gentle leader. He seems to be ambivalent around other dogs except when food is involved. -Such a good boy!

Kodiak is looking for his forever home. If you are interested in giving him that loving home please fill out our adoption application.

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