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Adoptable Polaris Rescue Malamutes

This page is updated and current as of 9/13/2017.

Not all dogs that are available at Polaris Alaskan Malamute Rescue are pictured here. Also, some of the dogs listed here may have already been adopted. We try to update our listings weekly. Please call us for the most up to date list of available Malamutes. All of the dogs are up to date on all shots, and neutered or spayed.

Sometimes we also have Malamute Mix dogs available for adoption. If you might be interested in one of these dogs please visit our Malamute Mix page.

Some partners we work with have malamutes for adoption too. Please note that these dogs are not affiliated with POLARIS in any way, but we do want to provide notice that these dogs are available for adoption too. For more information click here.

If you are interested in adopting a Polaris dog (either one that is listed here or one that may not be), please fill out our adoption application.

Zebulon (Zeb)

Zebulon is an adorable fluffy 75 lbs., black and white, 3.5 yr. old neutered mal. He is food motivated and has a tendency to resource guard - hence he needs to be in a family of adults, or with older kids that pay attention to his reactions. He is very affectionate, but does not like his fur, impressive plume tail or ears pulled, but will issue a warning. He loves his crate & will go there often - not just to sleep. He has been with other dogs and is social, but guards his food. He has been on a grain-free diet & has effectively used peptid AC to clear occasional throw-up episodes (probable allergies). Zeb would do well with a family that enjoys his company, does some outdoor activities (hiking, running & wrestling- he really perks up in the winter!) and allows him indoor/outdoor time.

Zebulon is looking for his forever home. If you are interested in giving him that loving home please fill out our adoption application.


Tako is a sweet, black and white 4-5 yr. old neutered male who requires a handler who establishes leadership. He enjoys outdoor activities, is good on lead and makes a great companion. He is food focused and should be with older children (over 8-10 years) only - he may try to dominate young ones, if not properly supervised. He is a snuggler and has a strong desire to please when he has clear rules and consistency in his life. He has been with female dogs and is playful & energetic. He has had resource guarding tendencies when it comes to toys and he should be fed separately from any companion dog. He is crate trained, but may steal the couch if you're not looking! :)

Tako is looking for his forever home. If you are interested in giving him that loving home please fill out our adoption application.


Stewie is a beautiful red and white, 10 mos. old, neutered - highly active puppy! He needs a LOT of exercise and is a great companion. He should fill out in 1-2 years, but is quite slim now. He does best with playful female dogs, but may respond well to a calm, non-dominant and playful male. He plays roughly, but is all play....he is so active he may overwhelm an inactive senior dog. An experienced Malamute leader is needed for this guy - he needs to be reminded of his commands, but has undergone training & does respond (though may need occasional reminders!) He does great on loose leash walking, is better at healing in confined spaces, runs well with a handler and performs a few basic commands. He is crate trained and does well with children when calm. If you do a lot of outdoor activities & have lots of energy to burn, Stewie may be a great addition to your family!

Stewie is looking for his forever home. If you are interested in giving him that loving home please fill out our adoption application.

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